Birthstones are literally gemstones that are used as a representation of when a person was born. They are often times worn as jewelry or even pendants. The history of birthstones is yet to be unraveled, while many ancient historians and philosophers argued that it could be traced back to the biblical times of Aaron. According to one of these historians, Josephus, he mentioned that it could be traced back to the breastplate of Aaron which represented the twelve tribes of Isreal. Asides that, several arguments about the history have been brought to light. While the history is still under debate, we will take a look at the generally accepted gemstones and their various characteristics and personalities.

January; Garnet

It is said that people with the garnet gemstone tend to be more compassionate and also have a unique blend of analytics. Those with this gemstone are capable of fitting into the stereotype of being a "super parent". They are capable of restoring order when there is chaos, simply with the snap of their fingers, at the same time being able to wipe the tear of a crying person and even placing a bandage on a scraped or wounded knee.

Although people with this gemstone might not be actual "parents", they tend to be the parent or mom of whichever group they find themselves. They are able to make wise adult decisions with a considerable amount of compassion.

February; Amethyst

They are actually calm and mellow. This gemstone often times go with those that are deeply spiritual. They are referred to as gentle or quiet souls with peace of mind and composure. Those with this gemstone might be known at times to be flaky, but this could be that they are occupied with thoughts of a larger or bigger picture. This bigger picture could be not just for their lives but for the entire universe.

March; Aquamarine Birthstone

As the name implies, this gemstone could be associated with the ocean or sea. Those with this gemstone often times come with this purifying presence that is powerful in all ramifications. Those with this gemstone like the ocean or sea are able to wash away all negative things around them. They have this knack for motivating honesty and positivity in people around them. They are able to get to the root of any problem, at the same time seeking opportunities to solve that problem.

Those with this gemstone have this amazing communication skills that cannot be compared to others.

April; Diamond Birthstone

You will agree that diamonds are rare and symbolize eternal or everlasting love. While most people would agree to this fact, the reason behind it has not been identified. Diamonds symbolize eternal love simply because they are hard to damage or destroy. This quality is also found in those with this gemstone. One can say that these individuals are invincible and are able to simply bounce back from anything that is thrown at them. Asides that, those with this gemstone are stubborn as well. When they take a stand or make a life-changing decision, they tend to stick to it no matter the cost.

May; Emerald Birthstone

Those with this gemstone are known by their family and friends alike as "unifiers". Just like the emerald birthstone, those born in the month of May are known to be harmonizers, reconcilers, and uniters. They are gifted at reconciling or uniting old fall-outs. They are also able of making harmonizing matches and can often times acts as matchmakers.

If you are looking for that life partner or companion, the best person to choose to help out should be a May born.

June; Pearl

Since the history of man, pearls have always been associated with innocence as well as magical powers. Like their gemstone, those born in June tend to be unique creatures. Those with this gemstone often times tend to be naive and also in tune with our natural world. That is to say that those with this gemstone may be lacking in "social graces" but may have an incredible relationship with animals.

July; Ruby

Those with this gemstone tend to be showy and have this unnatural flair for drama. Like the Ruby gemstone, those born in the month of July tend to be more self-confident and are always ready for any confrontation. They are fearless, never bluff and are always prepared to follow anything through.

August; Peridot

Those with this gemstone are quite chatty and are able to befriend anyone irrespective of their status in life. They tend to be kind-hearted and are ready to adopt humans and even animals in their lives.

September; Sapphire

Those with the gemstone tend to be unnaturally calm, intelligent and selected. Although, they are kind to people, but do not just open their hearts to anyone. Often times, those with this gemstone find themselves in positions of power, or the management of a large group of people. Those born in September take a lot of time before they can trust someone.

October; Opal

Those with this gemstone have been referred to as "quixotic". They can never be boring, although they seek to be calm, their lives become uneasy. They try so hard to remain under the radar, but they still get attention. They often times sense the ulterior motives of others, so they remain calm.

November; Citrine

Those with this gemstone have this luck especially when to comes to finances. This good luck makes they cheerful, and they are able to radiate positive energy to those around them. This is why those born in November tend to be at the heart of a tight-knit group.

December; Torquoise

Individuals with this gemstone are unerringly wise, quintessential old souls and unflappable. Those born in the month of December tend to have the confidence of someone over a thousand years. 

They tend to be protective and strong. They always try to support those around them at the same time offering bits of advice that are often times spot-on.