Chakra Nature

Chakra Nature is the nature of a particular mass of chakra. There are many types of chakra natures throughout the Naruto universe, they all have a basic foundation of the meaning of the universe. The five most basic types are the Fire release or Katon, Wind release or Fūton, Earth release or Doton, Lightning release or Raiton, and Water release or Suiton. These basic chakra types give the names of the five great countries and they also form the basis for Ninjustu. Generally, every person possesses an affinity for one of the five basic nature transformations which could be sometimes genetic or just common to a particular family. The advantages and disadvantages of each technique have no direct effect on people themselves, they are important in determining how a certain ninjutsu reacts with another.  Each of these five chakra types represents one of the five elements.

Fire Chakra or Katon火遁

Chakra in the form of fire has the power to burn anything it comes in contact with. It can turn anything it touches into flames. This chakra style is an important center of power and it is always in motion. Fire, of course, is quite destructive. So, fire chakra is the most destructive and most suited for offensive attacks. The qualities of fire chakra include power, mobility, warmth, light, and transformation. It is strong against the wind but can be extinguished by water.

Wind Chakra or Fūton風遁

Wind Chakra is an offensive release that is as sharp as a blade. It can cut and tear anything that falls on its path. The wind release is known for deflecting and reflecting attacks. Wind-based techniques are usually short to mid-ranged offensive techniques with the combination of force and utmost precision for cutting and slashing damage. It is mostly employed in making ninja weapons, blade,  and jutsu. Wind release cuts through light but it fuels fire.

Earth Chakra or Doton 水遁

This chakra type is one of the elements for nature transformation techniques. It increases the composition and strength of all things. Earth chakra allows users to influence and control the surrounding for offensive and defensive purposes. This chakra style is capable of making the earth into any density, be it as hard as a rock or as soft as a clay. It has different defensive techniques, like allowing its user to travel through the rock and ground in different ways which could be for transportation, creating a defense, setting up attacks and many more. Of all elemental techniques, the earth is the most versatile. Earth repels water but is weaker against lightning.

Lightning Chakra or Raiton雷遁

The chakra with electrocution ability. The lightning chakra allows its users to create lightning by increasing the high-frequency vibration of their chakra. Lightning diffuses rapidly allowing for fast movement and piercing damage. It is particularly good for mid to long distance justu and can be incorporated into metal weapons, it increases the electrical shock and makes them highly lethal. The electricity generated from the release is capable of paralyzing targets and render them most vulnerable for a finishing strike. The high-frequency vibration of lightning release can induce numbness to target.

Water Chakra or Suiton水遁

Water release is compatible with shape and state transformation. It is an effective chakra for defensive purposes. it allows users to create their own water or manipulate pre-existing water. Water release is a suitable technique to capture targets by changing water density and viscosity. For example, changing water form into ice to trap target. It can also be used to create fog, or tsunami wave to cause an obstruction.


Nature Transformation

Applying one of these five elements to a person's chakra changes the properties of that chakra. This is referred to as a Nature Transformation. Applying nature transformation and shape transformation to chakra changes the form of the chakra. Change in chakra Nature or Chakra transformation is a form of advanced chakra control technique. It is a basic concept that entails molding and defining of the natures chakra by altering its characteristics and properties. To create a new chakra technique, nature transformation and shape or spatial transformation are the two necessary components. Nature transformation changes the properties of the chakra while Change transformation is responsible for altering the abilities, changing the actual form and movement of the chakra.

Different Elemental weaknesses

A person can perform one of the many elements of Ninjustu. Each of the five elements is strong against one chakra and weak against another. Fire is strong against wind, the wind is strong against lightning, lightning is strong against earth, the earth is strong against water, and water is strong against fire.

Fundamentally, if two elemental techniques are put against each other on the same level,  one with a stronger nature against another elemental technique. The technique with the superior nature will prevail over the inferior technique. However, a technique with a weaker nature can overpower a technique with a stronger nature if the technique with weaker nature is placed on a higher level. It then becomes the superior technique. An example is fire overcoming a water technique, this can be made possible if it is first strengthened by a wind technique.


Counterbalancing is a principle on how techniques of the same elements interact. It happens when two techniques of the same nature are made to interact with each other on the same level. The two techniques will cancel each other out. For example, in lightning release, false darkness is deflected with lightning. But, if the two techniques are places on different levels, the technique with a higher level does not only prevail over the other but also grows stronger from its reaction with the weaker technique. This is what happens in Amaterasu, the great fireball technique. The highest level fire release technique which grows stronger by absorbing a weaker fire release.

Combined Nature Transformations

  • Hyoton is formed by combining Wind release and Water release.
  • Yoton is a nature transformation formed by the combination of Fire release and Earth release.
  • Bakuton also was known as Explosion release is formed by combining Earth release with Lightning release.
  • Shakuton or scotch release is a combination of Fire release and Wind release.
  • Mokuton is created by combining Water release with Earth release.
  • Jiton is created by combining Earth Release and Wind Release.
  • Ranton is created by simultaneously combining Water release with Lightning release.
  • Futton is formed by simultaneously combining Water Release and Fire release.
  • Jinton combines three chakra natures, which are Fire, Earth, and Wind release