The Seven Chakras

It is very possible that if you have attended a group meditation, a yoga class or indulged in a Reiki session, you have been told about the chakras, possibly from your practitioner or instructor. You could have heard someone mention it at some point and for others, the word chakra might seem strange as this might be new to them.

What then is the chakra? When translated from Sanskrit, the word ‘chakra' literally means ‘disk' or ‘wheel'. This is because it is believed that the energy within us is constantly spinning and rotating. The chakra refers to a spiritual energy center which can be found within the body. These chakras are found along the spine of humans, through their neck, to the crown of their head. There are 7 chakras found along these regions. The chakra teaching dates as far back as 1500  BC in India. It was believed that these 7 chakras work with specific organs in the human body to influence every area of our life and it also corresponds with the emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, and psychological states of being.

Located within the chakras is the ‘prana’ which is a pure healing energy which is within us and all around us to give us good health. The study of the 7 chakras, be it through Reiki sessions, yoga or meditation, is centered on the belief that when the chakras are opened, our energy starts to flow freely, and prana flows through them. When the energy is blocked, it often results in illness for the individual. Hence, it is very important that we know what these 7 chakras are, what they represent, what can block these energies, and how we can make sure that the chakra energy flows freely.


Now, let us take a look at the 7 chakras and the specific roles every single one of them plays in our lives.


The chakra is known as ‘Muladhara’. It is derived from the words ‘Mula’ which means root, and ‘Dhara’ which means support. The role of this chakra is to form a connection between all our energies with the earth (grounding). It serves to provide us with everything we need in order to survive.

Color: Red.

Location: It is located near the tailbone, at the base of the spine, just below the belly button.

Balance: When this chakra is balanced, you will feel a sense of fulfillment and peace when the thoughts of safety, money, or shelter, comes to your mind. You will feel very much connected to your human experience.

Overactivity:: This chakra can be overactive when there seems to be a threat to our lives since its role is to ensure our survival. It can cause problems like anxiety, digestive problems, and hip pains. To balance this chakra, we need to use this energy to ensure our survival. Activities like acts of kindness can guide such energies to other energy centers in our bodies.

Energizing your Chakra: You can reconnect to this chakra by enjoying nature. Playing with leaves or taking a swim can reestablish your connection to this chakra.


This chakra provides you with the energy to enjoy life on Earth. This energy lets you engage in activities that will bring pleasure such as sex.

Color: Orange.

Location: It can be found below the belly button and it extends towards the center of the belly button.

Balance: When balanced, this chakra allows you to engage in pleasurable activities, without overdoing them. These activities will be enjoyable.

Overactivity: The chakra is overactive when you engage in activities that do not bring pleasure such as addiction or obesity. To balance this, engage in healthy and nourishing activities.

Energizing your Chakra: Create time to enjoy the gift of life, make sweet love to your significant other, and live a healthy lifestyle.


In this chakra lies your personal power, identity, and self-confidence. It is responsible for that feeling you have, when you know something, would or would not work out.

Color: Yellow.

Location: It extends to the breastbone from the center of the belly button.

Balance: A balanced chakra gives you the needed wisdom and confidence to excel in your daily life.

Overactivity: when this chakra is overactive, you may begin to show greediness, lack of empathy, the need to control others, and quick anger. To balance this, try to show acts of kindness to those around you.

Energizing your Chakra: Dwell on your abilities and talents and let it give you the confidence to use your personal power.


This chakra is responsible for empowering your love, kindness, and compassion. It includes love for ourselves and for those around us.

Color: Green.

Location: It can be found over the heart, radiating down to the breastbone.

Balance: when this chakra is balanced, you will be able to feel love for yourself and others even when times are tough.

Overactivity: When overactive, this chakra makes people make wrong decisions all in the name of love. Balance this by focusing some of the love you give out to yourself.

Energizing your Chakra: Love yourself the way you want others to love you. Then spread that love to others.



Vishuddha when translated means ‘very pure'. It gives your personal truths a voice. This chakra gives you the energy to speak with clarity.

Color: Blue.

Location: Found between the collarbone radiating to the center of the heart and the eyes.

Balance: You will be able to speak clearly with the right words for each situation.

Overactivity: We start to spend so much time trying to have a louder voice. Balance this by thinking before speaking.

Energizing your Chakra: Express your emotions and truth without fear at all times.


This chakra provides you with information beyond the 5 senses that opens up your mind.

Color: Indigo.

Location: Found between the eyebrows.

Balance: When balanced, this chakra gives you the ability to be in tune with both the material and physical world.

Overactivity: You become more engrossed in psychic activities that you get distracted from enjoying the human experience. To balance this, engage in activities that remind you that you are still a human.

Energizing your Chakra: Create time for quiet meditation, listen to what your spirit says and try to recognize that feeling.


This is the source of consciousness energy. This energy connects us to the universe.

Color: Violet-White.

Location: This chakra is located at the top of the head.

Balance: When you achieve this chakra, you would have conquered both death and suffering.

Overactivity: This chakra cannot be overactive.

Energizing your Chakra: Focus on maintaining balance in your other six chakras first.